Best price Forest Essentials Baby Head Massage Oil Dasapushpadi 200ml (Baby Oil)

Forest Essentials Baby Head Massage Oil Dasapushpadi 200ml (Baby Oil)

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Last updated on July 11, 2022 7:14 am
Forest Essentials Baby Head Massage Oil Dasapushpadi 200ml (Baby Oil)
Forest Essentials Baby Head Massage Oil Dasapushpadi 200ml (Baby Oil)



Forest Essentials Baby Head Massage Oil Dasapushpadi 200ml (Baby Oil)From the manufacturer

About Baby Head Massage Oil Dasapushpadi
Forest Essentials has collected all the wisdom of ancient rituals from generation to generation in India, written in scriptures from over 5000 years ago and presented it in its Mother & Child Care range. This oil contains the extracts of ten flowers and plants apart from the bark and leaves of certain trees that add their own properties to the oil and has been used for thousands of years for baby care.

How to Use
Warm oil and massage lightly onto baby’s scalp. Leave for thirty minutes. Shampoo and rinse well.


Improves eyesight
Improves hair growth

Coconut Oil
Helps keep hair healthy, promotes hair growth and enhances shine.

Amla Fruit Extract
Excellent source of Vitamin C which reduces pigmentation effectively. Prevents hair loss. Nourishes the hair and stimulates hair growth.

Brahmi Extract
Prevents hair loss and give nourishment to the scalp.

Liqourice Root Extract
Yashtimadhu or Liquorice root works wonders on acne-prone skin. It is a gentle sunscreen as it acts like a shield and protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays to keep the skin bright and fresh. It is highly Moisturising and hydrating.


We use age-old Ayurvedic formulations prescribed and researched by Ayurvedic Vaids-scholars who practice an austere code and devotion to their incredible fount of knowledge in Ayurveda. Their expertise in ingredients, formulations, and Vedic treatments is then interspersed with the understanding of a modern biochemist to create in harmony, products that have their foundation in India’s oldest science presented in an easy-to-use, luxurious manner.

From our organically grown and cold pressed Oils, to our steam distilled pure Essential Oils, everything is made in the traditionally old fashioned way, according to Ayurvedic tenets, and wherever possible, by hand.

Cold-pressed oil is obtained from the first press of the ingredient, without external application of heat. This process allows the potent nutrients present in the oil to remain intact. We source pure, fresh and organic fruits and seeds, to which the traditional form of cold-pressing by hand is used to extract their oils. The result is oils that are far superior in quality and efficacy, to their hot-pressed counterparts.

Painstaking research goes into the making of our products. We delve into the depths of ancient texts to arrive at rare ingredients, which when blended together create potent, harmonious infusions and ultimately exquisite products.

The secrets to flawless skin and ageless beauty have been known to Indian physicians for over six thousand years, preserved in one of the world’s oldest systems of health care and healing, known as ‘Ayurveda’ or ‘Knowledge of Life’.

Forest Essentials is an authentic, traditional Skin Care Brand, with its foundations in this ancient science of Ayurveda.

It is the Indian Brand which is involved in the conception, formulation, manufacturing, bottling and sale of the products in its own Company owned stores.

Made In India
Forest Essentials celebrates the rich knowledge and heritage of India through its products. We source rare and precious ingredients with care from various parts of the country.


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