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The difference between shoes vs sneakers

Can shoes be dry cleaned

Shoes vs sneakers

Comparatively, differences come between a shoe and a sneaker. It’s always a task to choose between a shoe and a sneaker when you get to the shopping mall. They either overwhelm or confuse you.

As shoes are involved in fashion, various brands started manufacturing plenty of variants that suit all outfits and wardrobes.

To get some clarity over the subject we differentiated shoes vs sneakers below.

What are shoes and sneakers and what are their uses?

A shoe is a basic footwear that we all wear for different activities in our day-to-day life. Starting from school shoes to casuals most of us depend on shoes every day. Some shoes are designed to wear casually and others are designed for some particular purposes.

Whereas a sneaker is a type of shoe, which is used by athletes or dancers to rock the game.

They place these different features on various parts of the shoes. Normal shoes are designed with normal bottom, but a sneaker is designed with strong and gripped bottom to perform best on the ground.

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Uses of shoes and sneakers:

-They say shoes are a great guard for your feet. As the foot is the main basement of your body, it has to care for enough to not collapse the position and style of your walk.

A sneaker can protect your feet from any accidents that happen during the play.

-They act as a safeguard to protect feet from getting affected by bacterias. Barefoot can be easily attacked by bacteria that are all over the ground.

The sneaker can guard your feet against getting dust, muds.

-The shoes are structured in a way that the positioning of ankles and feet are not disturbed.

A shoe and a sneaker can be your great partner during cold climates.

Can shoes be dry cleaned?


Can shoes be dry cleaned both at home and by the dry cleaning staff! If you are owning shoes that are easy to handle and hand-washed, then you can make it at your home place with your light detergents and soft-bristled scrubs.

The following are the list of shoes that can be dry cleaned at home:

-Tennis shoes
-canvas shoes

The following are the shoes that should be washed only by the dry cleaning staff or experienced cobblers:

-suede shoes
-genuine leather shoes

Hopefully, the following instructions would have solved the question “can shoes be dry cleaned “

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