How chimney is installed in kitchen

How chimney is installed in kitchen

A free guide on How is the chimney installed in the kitchen”?

This is an article that will educate you on the question, ” how is the chimney installed in the kitchen?”

If you own a chimney and want to learn the chimney installation to fix it on your own, then you are at the right place. The following steps can guide you to select the chimney at ease. Let’s get started.

Procedures – How chimney is installed in a kitchen:

Step 1: There is no chance of your chimney being detached if you have a new one. If the parts are already separated, you can use screws and attach them.

Step 2: Take a drilling machine and drill holes in the walls to fix the plugs. The ideal size of the holes to be drilled is 6mm.

Step 3: Attach the duct pipe with the minimum bends only. The diameter of the duct pipe must be 15 CM.

Step 4: Chimneys now have in the built-in spigot, which can help in easy exhaust pipe attachment

Step 5: The pipe must have enough space for the airflow, so make sure you have an approximate diameter of 6 inches.

Step 6: Attach the selected filter to it.

Step 7: Install the duct covers to the pipes. Now turn on your chimney for 5 minutes before starting with the cooking process.

How does the chimney work in the kitchen?

A chimney is a modern appliance that majorly helps emit the hot exhaust gas that comes from cooking, and it observes the oil particles. The chimney is of many types, but the modern one is largely used in every kitchen significantly to add a modular look.

The two main reasons for adopting a chimney are to remove unusual odors and oil grease that are expelled during cooking.

Benefits of having a chimney at home:

  • It Protects your walls from grease
    Setting up a chimney in your kitchen can emit oil particles and save your kitchen walls from getting greased.
  • It removes unusual odours.
    The unusual odours that come out of foods can be quickly taken away from this chimney. This keeps the kitchen area in a good atmosphere.
  • Gives a modular outlook.
    There comes a variety of chimneys that can give a classy look to your kitchen space. Choose them and decorate your kitchen wisely.
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To conclude:

Why a second thought if your kitchen can be kept very clean using these modular chimneys? Analyze and Choose one!

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