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Can shoes be washed in washing machine?

Yes! A big yes!

Your question ” Can shoes be washed in washing machine ” Seems that you care a lot about your shoes. It’s always a good practice to take care of your non-living possessions. A piece of appreciation!

So, coming to the actual point!

It’s completely safe to put your shoes in Washing machine for cleaning. Unless it’s heavy boots or hiking shoes, it’s okay to wash them with the help of a washing machine. The washing wheel must be capable of washing the shoes you put in. So always be sure about this factor.

Shoes like tennis shoes, sneakers, canvas and leather shoes for men’s are highly recommended to wash in the washing machine. But before that, there is a complete guide that you have to follow during your shoe laundry.

Here you go!

Step 1 :  Make sure you are not choosing hard shoes for washing in the washing machine. It’s going to be a bad decision mate! Use only light shoes like canvas and sneakers.

Step 2 : Remove all the extra things that are attached to the shoe. i.e shoelace and the footbed. This should be done to clear the fluff from the sides of the shoe.

Step 3 : Use liquid detergent or powder detergent for washing dirty shoes. Make sure you remove all the heavy dirt before dropping the shoes inside the washing wheel.

Step 4  wrap the shoe with a washing bag Or any towel to avoid drum damage. As the shoe heels are hard there is a huge possibility for the drum to get damaged.

Step 5 : After dropping in, run the machine at moderate speed. Drop any other clothes to give weight to the machine.

Step 6 : Dry those shoes in the air well.

Shoes that shouldn’t be washed in washing machine:

Few varieties of shoes must not be washed in the washing machine. This is advised to save your expensive shoes from any major damages.

Leather shoes for men’s
Suede shoes
Rubber shoes
Vinyl shoes

The following shoes must be washed in hands to safeguard their material and durability.

Hope the above article answered your valid question ” Can shoes be washed in Washing machine “

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